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Page 1 - Audio system

Owner's handbookAudio system100% Ford. 100% Entertainment.

Page 2

INCORRECT SECURITYCODEOn all units except 2050Up to TEN Keycode entry attemptsare allowed with variousconsequences if you get it wrong.The number of a

Page 3 - Table of Contents

5. Use the left/right arrow buttons tomove across the display, and usethe volume control or theup/down arrow buttons on SonyCD/6CD, to select or chang

Page 4

SETTING THE CLOCKAND DATE ON THEAUDIO UNITAll units, except the 2050, the5000C, the 6000CD with centrallylocated on/off and volume control,and Sony CD

Page 5 - Audio introduction

Note: If you do not press the CLOCKbutton within 30 seconds of changinga date or time value, the display willexit and save the new valuesautomatically

Page 6

ON/OFF CONTROL• Press the on/off control to turnyour unit on or off. This will alsooperate the unit for up to onehour with the ignition turned off.The

Page 7 - Audio unit overview

• Where the adjustment is featuredon a single button, press thebutton once for fade or twice forbalance.• Where there are separatebuttons, press the r

Page 8

Sony CD/6CDSecond level func-tionsMenu features - First level featuresDuring all functionsDuring CDchangerplaybackDuring CDplaybackDuring tapeplayback

Page 9

5000C/6000CDSecond level func-tionsMenu features - First level featuresDuring all functionsDuring CDchangerplaybackDuring CDplaybackDuring tapeplaybac

Page 10 - Audio system security

• Press AUDIO repeatedly to selectthe required item.• Use the volume control to makethe necessary adjustment. Thedisplay indicates the levelselected.W

Page 11

• Press and hold the wavebandbutton. On 2050 short press theAST button.• The sound mutes and on someunits a beep is heard and an ‘AST’or ‘AUTOSTORE’ d

Page 12 - AUDIO UNIT

The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to print. In theinterest of development the right is reserved to change

Page 13 - Sony CD/6CD

If the traffic signal weakens, ‘TP’ or‘TP LOST’ will flash in the display andon some units a beep will be heard.Press the SEEK button or, theleft/righ

Page 14 - Audio unit operation

Ending trafficannouncementsThe audio unit will return to normaloperation at the end of each trafficannouncement. To end theannouncement prematurely, p

Page 15

All units except 2050• Press the MENU buttonrepeatedly until a SCAN displayappears.• Use the SEEK button to scan upor down the selected waveband.‘Scn’

Page 16

AUTOMATIC VOLUMECONTROL (AVC)AVC automatically adjusts the volumelevel to compensate for engine noiseand road speed noise. Whenavailable:• Press the M

Page 17

• Press and hold the MENU buttonuntil the display changes.• Press the MENU buttonrepeatedly until an RICP displayappears.• Use the SEEK button to sele

Page 18

All other units except 2050• Press and hold the MENU buttonuntil the display changes.• Press the MENU buttonrepeatedly until an ‘AF’ displayappears.•

Page 19

During news broadcasts, the displayalternates between the station nameand ‘NEWS’. News interrupts arebroadcast at the same preset volumelevel as traff

Page 20

DescriptionClassificationCurrent affairsAFFAIRSSee note belowALARMChildren’s programmesCHILDRENClassical musicCLASSICSCountry musicCOUNTRYCULTUREDocum

Page 21

Note: Some radio stations can alsotransmit emergency informationunder the undocumented categoryof ALARM but this programme typecannot be selected manu

Page 22

CASSETTE TAPEPLAYBACKNote: Always remove cassettesfrom the unit when your not usingthem.All units automatically switch to tapeoperation as soon as a c

Page 23 - Audio unit menus

Audio introduction...3Important audio information...3Radio reception...4Audio unit overview...5Audio sy

Page 24

5500• Press the left arrow button twice.• Press the right arrow button toend fast rewind and restart thetape.All other units except 2050• Press the le

Page 25

4050, 5000 and 5000C• Press AM/FM to restore radioreception, or the CD button torestore CD playback when achanger is fitted.• Press the left/right arr

Page 26

LOADING COMPACTDISCS6500 and 6000CDInsert a CD in the slot.6006To load a single CD:• Press and release the LOADbutton. ‘WAIT’ will appear in thedispla

Page 27

To load more than one CD:• Press and hold the LOAD button.‘INSERT ALL’ and then ‘PLEASEWAIT’ appear in the display.• When this changes to ‘PLEASELOAD’

Page 28

Except Sony CD/6CD• Press the right or up arrowbuttons once to move to the nexttrack or press it repeatedly toaccess later tracks.• Press the left or

Page 29 - Cassette tape player

Note: On the 6000MP3 unit, youshould press the CD button threetimes to activate the CD changer.If the CD button is pressed when nodiscs are loaded, th

Page 30

If a selected disc is damaged orupside down, the warning ‘CDERROR’ flashes and the disc numberis displayed. The unit then selects thenext available di

Page 31

• ‘SHUFFLE’ options are ‘OFF’,‘FOL’ which shuffles tracks in thecurrent folder, and ‘ALL’ whichplays all tracks on the disc inrandom order.• ‘REPEAT’

Page 32 - Compact disc player

• Press the MENU buttonrepeatedly until a ‘SCAN’ displayappears.• Use the SEEK button to scan upor down the tracks selected.• Press SEEK again to cont

Page 33

‘EJECT’ and ‘REMOVE’ appear in thedisplay and the disc is held ready forremoval. If it is not removed, the discwill be pulled back into the audio unit

Page 34

Track selection...31Compact disc playback...32Compact disc selection...33Fast forward/revers

Page 35

When one of these buttons ispressed and released, the first trackin the next or previous folder will beselected and played. The SEEKbutton (described

Page 36

For Joliet or Romeo in the expansionformat, please consider theserestrictions when configuring yourCD writing software.Multi sessionThis is a recordin

Page 37

Playback tip: To specify a desiredplayback order, before the folder orfile name, input the order by number(e.g., “01,” “02”), then recordcontents onto

Page 38

• Press the up/down arrow buttonsto select another folder.• Press the left/right arrow buttonsto select another track (file) withinthe folder.MP3 DISP

Page 39

Sony CD unitWhen an MP3 disc is playing, certaininformation encoded in each trackcan be displayed. Such informationwill normally include:• The file na

Page 40

Sony CD• Press the MENU button and usethe up/down arrow buttons toselect a ‘REPEAT’ display.• Use the left/right arrow buttons toselect ‘REPEAT TRACK’

Page 41

Except Sony 6CD• To eject all discs, press and holdEJ until ‘EJECT’ or ‘EJECT ALL’ isdisplayed.• The display will alternate between‘EJECT’ and ‘REMOVE

Page 42

Where available, this socket islocated in the vehicle glove box andpermits an auxiliary device, like aportable MiniDisc or MP3 player, tobe linked int

Page 43

REAR SEAT CONTROLSE66142Where available, the way the RearSeat Audio System control paneloperates will depend on which RSEmenu option is selected.• Pre

Page 44

Station preset/CD/MP3folder selector• Press this button repeatedly toselect radio stations stored on thepreset buttons, MP3 folders ordiscs from the m

Page 45

IMPORTANT AUDIOINFORMATIONWARNINGSCopyright laws vary fromcountry to country; pleasecheck the laws in your country if youwant to record from copyright

Page 46

• Press the MENU button and usethe up/down arrow buttons untilan RSE display appears.• Press the left/right arrow buttonsto select from ‘ RSE Ctrl On’

Page 47

However, if the headphone socketsare used, audio output remainsunaffected through the frontcompartment speakers and, in thisway, front and rear seat p

Page 48 - Rear passenger controls

AUDIO UNITCassette careThe tape head in the cassette playerneeds to be cleaned regularly with arecommended ‘wet’ cleaning tapeto maintain the best sou

Page 49

RectificationAudio unit displayInternal fault, see your Ford Dealer.E2E, E2D, E3, E5, E7, E11,E15, CD ERRORClean the disc and try again.E12, E23, E24,

Page 51

AAlternative frequencies...222050...23All other units except 2050...23S

Page 52 - Audio system care

EEjecting a cassette tape...292050, 5000C and 5500...29All other units except 5000C and5500...

Page 53 - Audio troubleshooting

OOn/off control...122050...12One hour mode...

Page 54

VVehicle identification (VID)...8On all units except 2050...8Volume control...12WWaveba

Page 56

• You cannot play a CD-R/CD-RWthat is not finalised. (This processis necessary for a recordedCD-R/CD-RW disc to be playedon the audio CD player.)• Wit

Page 57

6S5J-19C104-DA (CG3508en)

Page 58

20504050 and 5000E661256000 CD SeriesE661275000CE661296000CD Series (with rockervolume control)E661305500E661386000CD (with centrallylocated On/off an

Page 59

6006EE66134Sony CDE66135Sony 6CDE661376Audio unit overview

Page 60 - 6S5J-19C104-DA (CG3508en)

REMOVABLE FRONTPANELNote: During removal, avoidtouching the contacts on the back ofthe panel and do not use excessiveforce to refit it.• Where availab

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