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Introduction 4
Instrument Cluster 12
Warning lights and chimes 12
Gauges 19
Entertainment Systems 22
How to get going 22
AM/FM stereo with CD 26
AM/FM stereo with in-dash six CD 34
Auxiliary input jack (Line in) 42
USB port 44
Satellite radio information 47
Family entertainment system 50
Navigation system 77
Climate Controls 78
Manual heating and air conditioning 78
Automatic temperature control 80
Lights 85
Driver Controls 95
Windshield wiper/washer control 95
Steering wheel adjustment 96
Power windows 100
Mirrors 104
Speed control 107
Moon roof 112
Message center 113
Locks and Security 146
Keys 146
Locks 146
Anti-theft system 158
Table of Contents
2008 07+ Explorer Sport Trac (esp)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
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Introduction 4Instrument Cluster 12Warning lights and chimes 12Gauges 19Entertainment Systems 22How to get going 22AM/FM stereo with CD 26AM/FM stereo

Page 2

These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.Vehicle Symbol GlossarySafety AlertSee Owner’s GuideFasten Safety Belt Airbag - FrontAirbag

Page 3

Truck bed auxiliary power pointAn additional auxiliary power pointis located in the bed of the truck(12V 20AMP max).Lift the cover to access the auxil

Page 4

When closing the power windows, you should verify they are freeof obstructions and ensure that children and/or pets are not inthe proximity of the win

Page 5

If the switch is pressed and held to the normal open or ONE TOUCHDOWN position during a ONE TOUCH UP event, the window will stop. If,after 1/2 second

Page 6

Power Down Back WindowTo operate the power down back window, the ignition switch must be inthe On or Accessory position (or with accessory delay power

Page 7

Bounce-BackWhen the back window is moving upward and an obstacle interferes withthe window’s movement, the back window will reverse direction andmove

Page 8

Without voice activatedNavigation System or SYNCWith voice activated NavigationSystem or SYNCThe mirror will automatically return to the normal state

Page 9

Fold-away mirrorsFold the side mirrors in carefullywhen driving through a narrowspace, like an automatic car wash.Heated outside mirrors(if equipped)B

Page 10

SPEED CONTROLWith speed control set, you can maintain a set speed without keepingyour foot on the accelerator pedal.Do not use the speed control in he

Page 11

Resuming a set speedPress the RES (resume) control andrelease it. This will automaticallyreturn the vehicle to the previouslyset speed.Increasing spee

Page 13

Vehicle Symbol GlossaryPower WindowsFront/RearPower Window LockoutChild Safety DoorLock/UnlockInterior LuggageCompartment ReleasePanic Alarm Engine Oi

Page 14

WARNING LIGHTS AND CHIMESStandard instrument clusterOptional instrument clusterWarning lights and gauges can alert you to a vehicle condition that may

Page 15

Note: Some Warning Lights will display in the Message Center as wordsand function the same as the warning light.Note: Depending on which options your

Page 16

• Optional instrument clusterBrake system warning light: Toconfirm the brake system warninglight is functional, it willmomentarily illuminate when the

Page 17

Safety belt: Reminds you to fastenyour safety belt. A Belt-Minder威chime will also sound to remind youto fasten your safety belt. Refer tothe Seating a

Page 18

Never remove the coolant reservoir cap while the engine isrunning or hot.Low tire pressure warning:Illuminates when your tire pressureis low. If the l

Page 19

O/D off: Illuminates when theoverdrive function of thetransmission has been turned off,refer to the Driving chapter.AdvanceTrac威: Flashes when theAdva

Page 20

Low washer fluid (if equipped):Illuminates when the windshieldwasher fluid is low.Turn signal: Illuminates when theleft or right turn signal or thehaz

Page 21

GAUGESSpeedometer: Indicates thecurrent vehicle speed.Engine coolant temperaturegauge: Indicates engine coolanttemperature. At normal operatingtempera

Page 22

Seating and Safety Restraints 161Seating 161Safety restraints 168Airbags 183Child restraints 198Tires, Wheels and Loading 212Tire information 214Tire

Page 23

Odometer: Registers the total miles (kilometers) of the vehicle.• Standard instrument cluster• Optional instrument clusterRefer to Message center in t

Page 24

Tachometer: Indicates the enginespeed in revolutions per minute.Driving with your tachometerpointer continuously at the top ofthe scale may damage the

Page 25

AUDIO SYSTEMSQuick start — How to get goingDriving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control,accident and injury. Ford strongly recommend

Page 26

Listening to satellite radio (if equipped)1. If the audio system is turned off,press VOL-PUSH to turn the radioon. Turn VOL-PUSH to adjust thevolume.N

Page 27

For a single CD system, if a discis not already loaded, insert onlyone, label side up into the CD slot.LOADING CD and READING DISC will appear in the

Page 28

Press SHUFFLE to engage shufflemode. SHUFFLE ON will appear inthe display. If you wish to engageshuffle mode right away, press SEEK to begin random pl

Page 29

AM/FM Single CD/MP3 satellite compatible sound system(if equipped)Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control,accident and injury.

Page 30

In satellite radio mode (if equipped), press / to tune to thenext/previous channel.In CATEGORY MODE, press/ to scroll through the list ofavailable SIR

Page 31

• DELETE SONG: Press OK to delete a song from the system’smemory. Press/ to cycle through the saved songs. When thesong appears in the display that yo

Page 32

To activate, press MENU repeatedly until RBDS (ON/OFF) appears inthe display. Use/ / SEEK to toggle RBDS ON/OFF. WhenRBDS is OFF, you will not be able

Page 33

Maintenance and Specifications 321Engine compartment 323Engine oil 326Battery 331Engine coolant 333Fuel information 340Air filter(s) 353Part numbers 3

Page 34

TRACK/FOLDER MODE: Available only on MP3 discs in CD mode.In track mode, pressSEEK, SEEK to scroll through all tracks onthe discIn folder mode, pressS

Page 35

(Jazz, Rock, News, etc.), press SEEK, SEEK to seek to theprevious/next channel in the selected category. Press and holdSEEK, SEEK to fast seek through

Page 36

10. FF (Fast forward): Press FFto manually advance in a CD/MP3track.11. REW (Rewind): Press REW tomanually reverse in a CD/MP3 track.12. Memory preset

Page 37

14. AM/FM: Press to selectAM/FM1/FM2 frequency band.15. ON/OFF/Volume: Press to turnON/OFF. Turn to increase/decreasevolume.Note:If the volume is set

Page 38

Audiophile AM/FM in-dash six CD/MP3 satellite compatible soundsystem (if equipped)Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control,accid

Page 39

In satellite radio mode (if equipped), press / to tune to thenext/previous channel.In CATEGORY MODE, press/ to scroll through the list ofavailable SIR

Page 40

• DELETE SONG: Press OK to delete a song from the system’smemory. Press/ to cycle through the saved songs. When thesong appears in the display that yo

Page 41

RBDS: Available only in FM mode. This feature allows you to searchRBDS-equipped stations for a certain category of music format:CLASSIC, COUNTRY, INFO

Page 42

Recommended level is 1–3; SPEED OFF turns the feature off and level 7is the maximum setting.TRACK/FOLDER MODE: Available only on MP3 discs in CD mode.

Page 43

5. SEEK: In radio and CD/MP3mode, press to access the previous() or next ( ) strong stationor track.In satellite radio mode (if equipped), pressSEEK t

Page 44

CALIFORNIA Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, andcertain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known toth

Page 45

8. FOLDER : In folder mode,press FOLDERto access nextfolder on MP3 discs, if available.9.FOLDER: In folder mode,press FOLDER to access theprevious fol

Page 46

In CATEGORY MODE, press SCAN to hear a brief sampling of thechannels in the selected category. Press again to stop.Satellite radio is available only w

Page 47

18. (CD eject): To eject a discfrom the system, press. Selectthe correct slot number usingmemory presets 1–6. When ready, the system will eject the di

Page 48

4. Turn the radio on, using either a tuned FM station or a CD loaded intothe system. Adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.5. Turn the po

Page 49

USB port (if equipped)Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control,accident and injury. Ford strongly recommends that drivers useext

Page 50

CD/CD player careDo:• Handle discs by their edges only.(Never touch the playingsurface).• Inspect discs before playing.• Clean only with an approved C

Page 51

CDs with homemade paper(adhesive) labels should not beinserted into the CD player asthe label may peel and cause theCD to become jammed. It isrecommen

Page 52

Sample MP3 structureIf you are burning your own MP3discs, it is important to understandhow the system will read thestructures you create. While variou

Page 53

• Terrain: Hills, mountains, tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, freewayoverpasses, parking garages, dense tree foliage and thunderstorms caninterfere w

Page 54

Radio Display Condition Action RequiredACQUIRING Radio requires morethan two seconds toproduce audio forthe selected channel.No action required. Thism

Page 55

Fuel pump shut-off switch: In the event of an accident thesafety switch will automatically cut off the fuel supply to theengine. The switch can also b

Page 56

Radio Display Condition Action RequiredNO TEXT Category informationnot available.Category information notavailable at this time onthis channel. The sy

Page 57

The driver should not attempt to operate any function of theDVD system while the vehicle is in motion. Give full attention todriving and to the road.

Page 58

Press the power button to turn thesystem OFF. The indicator light willturn off indicating the system is off.Note: The audio from the DVD system will p

Page 59

3. The disc will begin to play andthe ’MP3 Audio Disc’ screen willdisplay and allow you to access theCOMPRESSION, SHUFFLE, SCANand FOLDER MODE feature

Page 60

To listen to audio over the headphones (Dual play mode):1. You may listen to channels A and B over wired or wirelessheadphones. Refer to Using the inf

Page 61

2. Adjust the volume levels usingthe volume controls on the DVDsystem.To adjust display brightness:To decrease/increase the brightnesslevel on the dis

Page 62

Note: Headphone A can access any possible media (AM, FM1, FM2, SAT(if equipped), CD, DVD, DVD-AUX). Headphone B can only access DVDand DVD-AUX.For fur

Page 63

9. LCD screen: The eight inch diagonal screen rotates down to view andup into housing to store when not in use. Ensure that the screen islatched into

Page 64

16. Cursor /Brightness controls:Use the cursor controls to makevarious selections when in anymenu. When not in a menu, and inDVD mode, press/ to adjus

Page 65

4. RETURN: Press to return to the previous menu screen.5. ANGLE (DVD dependent): Press to select the angle to view thescene.6. Channel A/B: Press to s

Page 66

BREAKING-IN YOUR VEHICLEYour vehicle does not need an extensive break-in. Try not to drivecontinuously at the same speed for the first 1,000 miles (1,

Page 67

chapter. Press PLAY to resume normal playback speed and volume.In CD/MP3 mode, press to access the previous track.19. MENU: Press to access the DVD di

Page 68

HeadphonesWireless headphonesYour FES system is equipped withtwo sets of battery powered, infraredwireless headphones. Two AAAbatteries are needed to

Page 69

To install the batteries, remove the screw at the bottom of the cover.Then, lightly press down on top and slide the cover off.When replacing the batte

Page 70

Wired headphonesDo not leave children unattended in the vehicle and do not letchildren operate the system while unsupervised. If wiredheadphones or au

Page 71

DVD and Rear Seat Controls turned ON, the rear seat passengers maychoose to listen to the radio, CD, MP3, DVD, or DVD-AUX media sourcesover headphones

Page 72

While operating in Headphone Only Mode, the system will have limitedfunctionality.• The system will only output audio to the headphones. It will not b

Page 73

Aspect ratioSelect ASPECT RATIO to select theviewing size and shape of the videodisplayed on the LCD screen. This isdisc dependent.You can select from

Page 74

SubtitlesSelect SUBTITLES to turn thesubtitle option on or off. The systemdefault is OFF.Once you have made your selection,press ENTER to confirm. Thi

Page 75

Playing MP3 discsTo play an MP3 disc on your DVD system:1. Ensure that the vehicle ignition is in the RUN or ACCESSORYposition.2. Ensure that the DVD

Page 76

• PC configuration — Encoding MP3 files requires intensive use of yourcomputer’s resources. Follow the PC configuration recommendationsof the encoder

Page 77

Service Data RecordingService data recorders in your vehicle are capable of collecting andstoring diagnostic information about your vehicle. This pote

Page 78

Playing a DVD1. Ensure that the vehicle ignition is in the RUN or ACCESSORYposition.2. Ensure that the navigation system is on.3. Insert a DVD label-s

Page 79

Frame by frame1. With a DVD playing, press pause.2. Press the right cursor button. TheDVD will advance one frame. Eachpress of the right cursor button

Page 80

The B headphone jack (5) is locatedon the right side of the DVD system.Plug in wired headphones (notincluded) here.Note: The B headphones can onlyacce

Page 81

FULL (enabled): The FES has control over the primary (speaker) andsecondary (headphone) audio sources.LOCAL: The FES has control over the secondary so

Page 82

MP3: Supply of this product only conveys a license for private,non-commercial use and does not convey a license nor imply any right touse this product

Page 83

Do not expose the liquid crystal display (LCD) flip-down screento direct sunlight or intensive ultraviolet rays for extensiveperiods of time. Ultravio

Page 84

Care and service of the DVD playerEnvironmental extremesDVD players which are subjected to harsh environmental conditions maybe damaged or perform at

Page 85

Cleaning DVD and CD discsInspect all discs for contamination before playing. If necessary, cleandiscs only with an approved DVD and CD cleaner and wip

Page 86

MANUAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM(IF EQUIPPED)1. Temperature selection:Controls the temperature of theairflow in the vehicle.2. Air flow sele

Page 87

• Remove any snow, ice or leaves from the air intake area at the base ofthe windshield.• To improve the A/C cool down when the vehicle interior issign

Page 88

Notice to owners of pickup trucks and utility type vehiclesUtility vehicles have a significantly higher rollover rate thanother types of vehicles.Befo

Page 89

DUAL AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL (DATC) SYSTEM(IF EQUIPPED)1. A/C control: Press to turn onthe air conditioning. Press again toturn off the air cond

Page 90

4. MAX A/C: Distributesrecirculated air through theinstrument panel vents to cool thevehicle. This recooling of theinterior air is more economical and

Page 91

14. Driver’s side temperaturecontrol: Press to increase ordecrease the temperature on thedriver side of the cabin. This controlalso sets the passenger

Page 92

For maximum cooling performance:• Select and A/C and recirculated air. Use recirculated air with A/C toprovide a cooler airflow.• Move the temperature

Page 93

To manually turn off the heated windshield before the specified time haspassed, push the control switch again.Note: Pushing the heated windshield butt

Page 94

HEADLAMP CONTROLTurns the lamps off.Turns on the parking lamps,instrument panel lamps, licenseplate lamps and tail lamps.Turns the headlamps on.Autola

Page 95

Push the headlamp control towards the instrument panel to deactivatethe fog lamps.Daytime running lamps (DRL) (if equipped)To activate DRL:• the ignit

Page 96

PANEL DIMMER CONTROLUse to adjust the brightness of theinstrument panel when exteriorlights are on.• Rotate the thumbwheel from leftto right to bright

Page 97

• (1) Eight feet• (2) Center height of lamp toground• (3) Twenty-five feet• (4) Horizontal reference line2. The center of the headlamp has a3.0 mm cir

Page 98

TURN SIGNAL CONTROL• Push down to activate the leftturn signal.• Push up to activate the right turnsignal.INTERIOR LAMPSMap lampsThe front map lamps a

Page 99

Export unique (Non–United States/Canada) vehicle specificinformationFor your particular global region, your vehicle may be equipped withfeatures and o

Page 100

Replacing the interior bulbsCheck the operation of the bulbs frequently. To replace any of theinterior bulbs, see a dealer or qualified technician.Usi

Page 101

Replacing headlamp bulbsDo not touch the glass of a halogen bulb.1. Turn off the headlamps and openthe hood.2. Remove three screws from theheadlamp as

Page 102

Replacing front parking lamp/turn signal/sidemarker bulbs1. Turn off the headlamps and openthe hood.2. Remove three screws from theheadlamp assembly a

Page 103

4. Rotate the bulb socketcounterclockwise and remove itfrom the lamp assembly.5. Pull the bulb straight out of thesocket.Reverse steps to reinstall bu

Page 104

Replacing high-mount brake and cargo lamp bulbsMake sure the headlamp control isin the OFF position.1. Remove the two screws and movethe lamp assembly

Page 105

MULTI-FUNCTION LEVERWindshield wiper: Rotate the endof the control away from you toincrease the speed of the wipers;rotate towards you to decrease the

Page 106

TILT STEERING COLUMNPull the lever down and release, tounlock the steering column tilt lock.With the lever in the down position,tilt the steering colu

Page 107

Slide on rod featureRotate the visor towards the sidewindow and extend it rearward foradditional sunlight coverage.Note: To stow the visor back intoth

Page 108

Installing a garage door opener (if equipped)The storage compartment can be converted to accommodate a variety ofaftermarket garage door openers:• Pla

Page 109

The auxiliary power points arelocated on the front of the centerconsole, inside the utilitycompartment, and on the rear of theconsole (accessible from

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